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*** Effective until June 1, 2020. ***

Dear Prospective Clients,

Due to the Governor's state-wide order, all legal matters and issues are being handled remotely through telephone, e-mail, mail, and videoconferencing.

In the event you would like legal services, please be advised all services will be provided only through telephone, e-mail, mail, and/or videoconferencing. If you need a temporary restraining order requiring appearance at court, at this point in time,  you are encouraged to seek out other law offices as our office is only doing virtual appearances. 

In the event you need help with completing court paperwork, legal advice, and/or mediation services you are encouraged to sign up for the office's free 15-minute telephone screening phone call. In the event, you schedule an office appointment,, the appointment  will be changed to a telephone or videoconference appointment.

Wishing you all the best during these trying times.


The Law Office of Allison F. Zieman


Allison F. Zieman